Claim:  ICHRAs create a system that allows for picking and choosing who gets quality insurance based on, for example, their geography or pay structure. This would only exacerbate the health care disparities in this country and begs for a workplace crisis when employees realize what is happening. 


 Fact:  Between 2010 and 2020, the percentage of employees covered by their firm’s health benefits declined from 44% to 34% at firms with 3 to 24 employees, from 59% to 41% at firms with 25 to 49 employees, and from 60% to 58% at firms with 50 to 199 employees. ICHRAs should reverse the decline in the percentage of employees at smaller firms covered with employer health benefits. The Department of Treasury modeling projects that the ICHRA rule will cut the number of uninsured Americans by about one million people within the next five years. Ultimately, employers will only offer ICHRAs or QSEHRAs to provide their employees a superior option to a traditional group plan.